What a Day!

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What a Day!

Post by Desertbabe on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:12 pm

As told by Shadow:

On a Saturday morning, my mom had to go run errands and she doesn't trust me by myself. So, she made go with my friend, Silver on his day of fun. But here's the scary part: it's not just Silver that I'm going to be tagging with, he's also bringing his girlfriend... Rouge. I don't like that girl, not one bit. Why? Because she's evil and she likes to use people. So yes, I might see her and Silver be all goo-goo ga-ga with each other. Before I would head out that door, I'd get a brown bag. We had to wait a while because Silver is waiting for his girlfriend to show up. "So... where are we going today?" I asked. He turned to me and said "Shads, have you ever been to the 99 cent store?". "No... why?" I asked again. "Well, that's where we are going" Silver said with a smile.

Then the door bell rings. "ONE MINUTE!" Silver yelled. "Shads, it will be fun, trust me because with $5, you can buy all the candy you want.... well not *all* of it". The door bell rings again, but this time it was rung 10 times. Silver let out a sigh and then flew to the door. When he opened the door.. there stood his girlfriend looking pretty cute. "Hey baby, why didn't you wait for me?" Silver asked. "Silver boy... too much sun is damaging to a girl's complexion. I'd be old if I didn't ring you many times" Rouge said in a seductive-ish tone. They stare into each others eyes for about 2 minutes and then they begin to make out. I don't know why, but I find *this* couple making out to be quite disturbing. I look at my pretend watch as they are making out. It seems they've been doing so forever. I start to get a little antsy because I am bored and tired. So I finally said "Are you done yet?". Silver turned to me with a annoyed look on his face and said "Yes, Shads, we are ready.".

So we are walking down the sidewalk and I see people just... staring at us. I walked way behind Silver and Rouge and I acted like I wasn't with them. Don't know why... but they are embarrassing. I can see them in front of me, holding hands and flirting with each other. I can also see Silver clinging to Rouge and giggling like a little girl. Well... thank goodness that we are now at the store... so I can get as far as I can away from those two. I head straight for the candy section to look at the kind of gum flavors they have. I couldn't make my selection in peace because from the other side of the store, I can hear Silver giggling.

"Is that Silver?" said a familiar voice. I turn around and it's his ex girlfriend... Blaze. For some reason, the 99 cent store is the last place I'd expect her to be. "Why yes, that's him" I said. "That's *SO* Silver! He's very childish you know.." she said with a straight face. "Quite frankly, he is giving me a headache" I complained. My headache from this keeps getting worse and worse.. so I pay for my gum and wait outside. Blaze waited outside with me because she was worried about me drifting off. "Was Silver always like this?" I asked. "No... not really. He was very childish, but not like this" said Blaze. Minutes later, Silver and Rouge both came out, clinging to one another and having a little play fight.

"Hey babe, look what *I* got..." Silver said. Then he pulled out a red diamond out of his bag. "Silver Boy...". Before they "do their thing", Silver looked back at Blaze and said "hey,Blaze, since you are there, can you take Shadsy back home for me?". She let out a loud sigh and said "I guess... Come on Shadow!". After they go back to making out, I followed Blaze all the way back to my house.

And thats how my day went.


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