Wii Homebrew!

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Wii Homebrew!

Post by loanstar744 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:48 pm

Okay, So here I give you information on what's new in the world of Homebrew for the Wii.

For those of you who have not Wiibrewed, It's very easy to install and there's no modding needed!
All you need is a SD card, PC, and your Wii system menu under U4.1.(Will not work on systems U4.1 and up)

First off we have the newly updated Wii64.

It's still in Beta but it's a very well done N64 emulator that can play most games without a problem.

There's A LOT of Homebrew apps for the Wii so I'll be updating as soon as I get the info to update, You can help too by adding suggestions for Homebrew apps you've seen for the Wii that look impressive.

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