I Wanna Fly High (For the Fourth Time)

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Should Tails use a new plane?

Yes, the Tornado IV.
Yes, a new series of planes. (Specify in comments)
Yes, from the comics/cartoons. (Specify in comments)
No, continue using his old planes. (Specify in comments)
No, I don't want him using any.
I don't know.
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I Wanna Fly High (For the Fourth Time)

Post by Lan Prower Kopaka on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:15 am

So the other day I was thinking about Tails and his planes and his current character and his past character, and realized he's pretty much dropped his love for planes and flying, and has become more dedicated to machinery and gadgets. This isn't exactly a bad thing, considering his backstory, but still, I feel he should revisit that old desire. So then I thought about it, and came up with the idea that he should combine his two loves and make a new, better plane than the others before.
So, to summarize, do you think Tails should make a Tornado IV, a new plane, continue using any of his old planes, or even bring in a comic/cartoon plane into action?
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