Unused Accounts, Non Posting Users, and Bringing Over Friends

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Unused Accounts, Non Posting Users, and Bringing Over Friends

Post by Ash The Hedgehog on Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:05 am

Unused Accounts and Non Posting Users

It is sad to say that some members of The Sonic Society have decided not to return to our site, or have decided not to post. While some members have not visited here in quite some time/at all, some of them have held back and have not said anything in a long while/at all. If you are able to contact any of these members, please do so (if worst comes to worst, a member of the staff will send him or her an email after trying a Private Message sent to him or her. If you know these people in real life/from prior experiences and it is okay with them for you to send them emails, please do so. We simply do not want to invade their privacy). Some of these members include:
Wil The Hedgehog
Hakota Tenshimaru

Bringing Over Friends

Now, for the lighter side of this announcement. Bringing people from other sites and places is important, for we are a rather small group. If you are able to bring over a friend (especially one that visits and posts), know that the entire site is greatful! If they send us a PM/email/holler from anywhere on the site, including the chat box claiming that you brought him or her over to the site, you will recieve ONE HUNDRED (100) STATES to your account! With that many more States, there are so many things that you can buy!

-The Administration Team of The Sonic Society
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