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Forum Name Changes

Post by Ash The Hedgehog on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:54 pm

As you can see, names of some of the forums have changed:
"Hell" has become "The Sonic Society"
"The Wastebasket" has become "Fan Material"
"The Sacrifices" has become "The Members"
"Heaven" has become "The Crazy Corner"
"Junk" has become "Gaming", and an archives section has been added. We hope that this makes the site easier to navigate, more appealing, and a lot less confusing.
Even though FlyingCupcake's banner was quite good, we have changed the banner due to the fact that it was blurry, not so amazing after a while, and the maker of the banner itself left the site.
Also, the group "The Mentals" has been changed to the "the The Crazy People" due to the fact that it may be offensive to people with such problems or people who know anyone with those kind of problems.

-The Administration Team of The Sonic Society
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