The Well-Wisher

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The Well-Wisher

Post by TheShadowWalker on Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:20 pm

Chapter 1:

Heavy breathing was the sound you heard. Fleeing footsteps was what you saw. Gunfire was what was behind him. Wanted by the government, Dane ran for his life. He never knew why they were chasing him, but he had a reason to. He just never knew why. So run he did.
A wanderer and an outcast to society, there was no place for a genetically enhanced fox like him. He was just an experiment in a lab. He never knew his parents, his home, just the scientists of his lab sector. They released him one day to try and fit into society. After that day, he’s been running away from just about everyone. The police, the civilians, the kids. He could trust only his scientists. He didn’t remember the lab’s location. So, he searched for it everyday. He never found it.
He had to act quickly or else he would be captured. He looked for a high enough tree. When he found one, he jumped and hid into the tree with one springing motion.
Because of the testing, he had a great jump, great agility. He moved with a grace and ran like a cheetah. But, this power came with a price. His fur mutated from a healthy orange and white to a dark green all over except his face, which was still a furry white. He had grown two tails, but he never knew why. The scientists just said it was a rare disease that he picked up. He still had yet to fully use this gift at full potential.
He decided there that this tree he would sleep in tonight. So, he brought out his blanket from his pack and his squishy foam pad that he used as a pillow and slept there that night. This was the normal routine. Though he was comfortable for now, he knew that by morning, he would be somewhere else in a different location, for reasons not even he could ever explain.

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